It’s a heart thang

When your sister & brother are hungry will you feed them?, when they are cold & lonely will you clothe them?, and will you hold them in your arms to allow your joy,peace and love surround them?. Do you tell them that they are important to you? As the light of Christ love shines on me I will walk in his love that others may find their way to him through the light that shines through me.

I was once trapped on a desolate island of sin confused by the storms of life and feeling hopeless. His forgiving love pierced the darkness in my life and rescued me from the chains of sin that held me captive. Through his redemptive love I have been restored. His gift of restoration has given me joy and peace in him,strength to stand in time of storm,faith to know I can be victorious and the desire to lead others that are enslaved.  To him who can break all chains and bring healing and restoration to all who wish to be free.

No valley is to deep that he will not seek after you or no mountain to high that he will not seek after you, his arms are open to receive you. You must choose to be restored, only when you open your heart and invite the redeemer in will forgiveness & restoration begin.  Therefore I will be my brothers keeper; I will feed him , pray for him,clothe him, and I will hold his hand through the storms. I’m so grateful that Father God has given me the opportunity to serve even the least of them.


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