Under the Shadow of his wings

They called him a healer, he was; they called him a teacher, he was. The lessons he taught were lessons of life,of love and of sacrifice. The teachers responsibility is to share the lesson with his students. He has no control as to how long it will take the student to understand and master the lesson. Some students will grasp the lesson immediately, some will take a little longer and there are those who will find it very difficult to learn the lesson.

Some students may be visual learners and learn by example. They will need to sit at the feet of the teacher, hang on every word and take many notes.  All the students are of great importance to the teacher. His greatest desire is for his students to be prepared for the challenges they will face. The student must invest what is necessary to complete their studies.

Only those who are persistent will be prepared for victory. The teacher will give the student as much help as they need to accomplish their task.  As Christians we too are being prepared for the challenges ahead. Our teacher has asked that we share his story with the world. A story of unconditional love for all creation. A story of his desire to reunite his family. He has given us a helper in the Holy Spirit to instruct us on how to tell the story, to erase any doubt that would keep us from accomplishing our task and to prepare us for victory.  We must stay under the shadow of his wings, we must be persistent in the study of his life, his word and his example. On graduation day he will say “enter into my kingdom my good and faithful servant” Well done, well done.


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