How often do you find yourself thinking back over your life and wondering how it would have been different if you had made different choices? We write on the pages of our hearts all the things that make us smile. People,places,and special events enhance our lives with their essence. These are at the fore front and the first memories to emerge.

We hide in the crevices of our minds those things that cause us pain, sorrow, or disappointment. They remind us of things we don’t care to remember.  Words we said that have hurt others and words others have said that hurt us. Pain we have caused others and pain others have cause us. To relive these memories would remind us of how unforgiving we are.

We carry the scars of our hurt and pain as if they were a badge of honor to justify why we have not forgiven and forgotten the hurts of the past. By holding on too them we decrease the room in our hearts to chronicle more joyous experiences and create new memories.  It only takes a flicker of light to shine in the darkness.

God has created us from his love,love that surpasses all our faults,inconsistency, and issues of our past. Love that clears the cob webs in the dark corners of our minds and erases the pain and hurt hidden in those corners.

His love will give us the strength to forgive ourselves and those who have hurt us as well as forget the pain they may have caused. Leaving clean pages on which we can pen the memories to come.


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