There will be a time in the life of every one when we look in the mirror of our lives and the truth of who we are will flood our minds like a tidal wave.  All the words spoken in anger, the lies told, the pain we have inflicted on others for our own gratification,our own sadness and coldness of heart as well as un forgiveness will look back in our faces.

We say we know God we have a relationship with him but we exhibit none of his character. How can you say you love him who you have not seen, and hate your brother who you see? there is no love in you. How can you feel you are worthy of respect when you can’t give respect?How do you consider what you need or want is more important than the needs or wants of others?.

God is not your father, you serve the DECEIVER. Your heart is filled with envy,hate,lying and deception. You are consumed with your own selfish desires, you throw stones and hide your hands thinking no one has seen you. Your goal is to cause others to join you in your sadness, anger them and cause hate to grow in their hearts; stealing their joy and peace. Your mirror will reflect that you are captive of the MASTER DECEIVER and he has encased you in darkness.

You can escape his grasp if you recognize you are a captive and allow the light of love to penetrate the darkness of your heart. The love of God transcends any power the deceiver may have over you.You must fervently seek the face of God, ask forgiveness of those you have mistreated and forgive those you feel have mistreated you and then yield your will to the ONLY ONE who knows all your secrets.  The hurts, the lies told, the rocks thrown, and the stumbling blocks placed in the path of others.

ONLY he can release you from the prison you are confined in and give you back your joy, peace of mind and love you with an unending LOVE.  He is your only hope for change, don’t you think you should open the door to your heart, he’s knocking for you.


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