The Cracks in the Wall

Seldom do we think about the foundation of our homes until we have a problem.  We know for our home to stand we need a strong foundation.  When we see cracks appear,  first a small one which seems insignificant we may not worry.  We often ignore the signs, then we notice there are more small cracks starting in other places in the home.  This gets our attention and we recognize there is a problem.  The wider the crack grows the more serious the problem becomes.  Repairs must be made to secure the foundation.

As Christians we are the temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells, however; the Holy Spirit can not inhabit a dwelling place where walls have cracks in them. These cracks are caused by envy, hatred, unforgiveness,anger,discard,malice, lust for power and indifference. These cracks reflect how far we have strayed from the character of our Father.  Just as the foundation of the home weakens by the cracks growing wider our relationship with our Father grows weaker as we allow these cracks to permeate our lives.  The longer we hold on to them the more we lose focus on his Love for us.

To repair the foundation of your home sometimes requires digging out the decay and replacing it with a more substantial element. The repairs must be made by a professional in that field.  The repairs to the Christian temple must be made by a Master Craftsman, Jesus is that craftsman.  Only when we recognize there are cracks in our temple, we acknowledge the need of repair, and yield to the workman can our temple be fortified and strengthened that the Holy Spirit can dwell in us.  As Christians our focus should always be on Jesus Christ, he tells us that” where there are 2 or 3 gathered in my name I will be in the midst”.  But do we really believe this, if we did we would be more mindful of how we act and what we say.  It is time to evaluate your condition……. Do You have any CRACKS???


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