who are you reflecting-part two

Standing in the shadow of our redeemer requires reflecting his character. Loving unconditionally,treating others as you wish to be treated, forgiving without conditions, denying self to benefit others,being tolerant and patient and obeying the leading of  the creator in you; which is the Holy Spirit. As a follower of our redeemer we should exhibit joy, peace,kindness, and temperance. If you are not reflecting these”what are you reflecting”?

If we are in love with the things of the world, we are at odds with the things of God. This world is a reflection of it’s ruler. Hatred abounds, violence runs  rampage , selfishness is king,deceit is the order of the day and fairness is non-existent. Men lust for money and power they obey not the laws of God. Their hearts are stone and void of the light of love. Their outward  appearance seems perfect but within is death for they abide in darkness. Our world is dying but their is hope, only the love of God can penetrate the darkness of evil and transform the lives of men. Only he can change a heart of stone into a heart of flesh. When we accept his gift of salvation the Holy Spirit teaches us how to reflect his love and character.  We must make a choice, who will you choose to REFLECT???


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