Who are you Reflecting? part one

It is common place to look at ones self in the mirror when preparing to leave home and venture into the public view. We know that all who see us will form their opinion of who we are by what they see.  We check to see if our hair is in place,clothes are fitting properly, and if our shoes are the right ones for the outfit we have chosen to wear.  We look at all the superficial things we think others will judge us by. We worry about what others think of us so we put on our different mask to reflect what we think others expect. Forgetting we cannot hide the truth from the all seeing eyes of the Father who will be our ultimate JUDGE.  When he looks below the surface what will be revealed. Do you live to gain fortune and fame, deceive and cheat others for your selfish benefits, show yourself helpful to those in need and do what is right regardless of the consequences to you.  When you stand naked before your  CREATOR will you hide your face in shame or will you stand in the shadow of your REDEEMER who has washed away your shame with his own BLOOD.


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