Have you ever noticed how fast the storm clouds of life gather.  The day can be sunny and bright one moment the next the rain is falling.  We can still see the sun so we don’t worry much about the storm. As the storm grows,  the clouds darken and the sun is totally hidden from view.  You look for shelter only to find yourself being tossed about by the torrents that engulfed you. There are times that the storm seems to have no end. You begin to think the sun will never shine in your life again. You can’t calm the storm so you lift your heart and mind to the one who Created all things to find peace in the midst of the storm. Worry is erased and doubt is replaced with faith to weather the storm, the sun begins to peek from behind the clouds and the rain ceases. It appears the storm is over, as the dark clouds dissipate do you think you over came the storm on your own or  was it because your creator was holding your hand and walking beside you in the RAIN.


3 thoughts on “IN THE STORM

  1. Nice, Nice ,Nice and True. You overcome the storm when you lift your heart and mind to the Creator and realize he is in control.


  2. Thanks for the uplifting remarks ,my sister you are an inspiration to me ,keep your Blog going its a ministry we need. Your Sister from another Mother.


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