See her through the eyes of love, remove the mask of a painted on smile; gaze into the eyes that cry themselves to sleep when all is quiet and the night is long. Recognize she is more than the sum of her parts, from her body springs forth life. She has many names; mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece and friend; each designating the role she is assigned in your life.

She represents the nurturing characteristics of the Father Creator; in her is His gentleness, kindness, sacrificing love, unconditional forgiveness, patience, and faithfulness. She fully embraces the concept of you before me, for those she loves no sacrifice is to great or problem to small if it is for her children or family members.

Her prayers never stop ascending to the Father for her family or friends who have lost their way or strayed from His care. She is by some under valued until she has faded into the mirror of time and they are left with reflections and memories. From the heavenly jewel box she was given to you, she maybe a pearl, or ruby or emerald or diamond. She could be slightly flawed, her brilliance not easily seen; yet, she is a priceless gift from the hand of a loving Father.

When you honor her you honor the Father Creator who loved you so much He gave Himself for you through the sacrificial blood shed by His son Jesus the Christ; whether mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, niece or friend when her role is finished and she exits the stage of life, you will reflect on your time with her and smile; remembering when the physical presence is gone the love lingers on.

With loving hands she was created from a rib taken from man, through her all human life began; she is adorned with modesty and good works. Early she rises to prepare for her families needs and ends her day in prayer and thanksgiving, her name is WOMAN.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


2 thoughts on “woman

  1. WOMAN is the most beautifully inspired love story that will encourage all that read and take it to heart.


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