teach us to love

Father I come to You asking for help, I know You will know what I should do to solve the problem facing me right now. I just don’t understand the reasoning of men, the things they do just blows my mind. Sometimes explanations escape me for my own actions. It is as though even the air we breath is toxic. Everyday something new makes us wonder; where are You? So much hate is roaming the land and mans inhumanity to man is rapidly growing.

Where is the love comes to my mind? Where has it gone and how do we get it back? All questions only You can answer, please tell me what You need me to do to bring back the love we once knew. Open our eyes that we might see how we have changed our world and how wicked it has come to be. There is no safe place from the terror of hate, the young disrespect the wisdom of the aged, and those in power ignore the needs of the masses. It’s all about self seems to be the theme of the day; everyone is going their own way.

Father where do we begin? Please teach us how to love again. Remove the dark clouds covering our hearts, that we can make a new start. Forgive our indifference and ignite a desire for change; a willingness to erase another’s pain. Renew in us a right spirit and give us Your joy, let forgiveness reign in our hearts. Open our sight to the beauty of life; the rose not the thorns, the rainbow not the storm, the solution not the problem and the victory not the fight. Nothing in life comes without a price, but; You paid the cost so that we would not be lost. You came to give us abundant life, in You we rise above the pain and strife.

Father please start we me, open my eyes that I can see what I can do to honor You; teach me to go the extra step to make life better for someone else, a smile to the stranger I pass by, a desire to comfort those in need and words of kindness to speak. To pray for those who seem hard to reach, that they might find Your love and peace. I know our time is running out and soon it will be to late, but; it only takes a spark to start a flame. TEACH US TO LOVE AGAIN


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