The greatest need

If asked “what is your greatest need”, what would your response be? How long would you think about the question before you could answer it? We all at one time or another think our problems could be solved by having more material possessions. In our world we see money and power as most essential in meeting our desires; whatever we can’t obtain with power, money will buy for us. Yet, there are so many things we fail to recognize as necessary to life money nor power can control.

The air we breathe, the sunlight, rain, fresh water from a spring, the peace we find in nature, the melody of birds singing, the beauty of spring flowers and the relief found in forgiveness. All necessary, all free; all available to everyone. Throughout history man has struggled to fill the emptiness in his life with things, only to find they are not enough to satisfy his longing for completeness; which is the greatest need. We are fractured people living in a fractured world, looking for love in all the wrong places.

We travel down one road after another all of them leading to dead ends. ONLY when we realize what we are missing in our lives is the connection to our Creator which was lost when man fell can the voids in our lives be filled. The Father through the Son has made the path clear that we can find the way home and reconnect. Connection to the Son, Jesus the Christ is mankind’s greatest need; receiving Him in the heart opens the door to Heavens storehouse. All that we need can be found in Him.

Thank you Father that your love for us would not leave us in our sinful condition, disconnected from true love and lost in darkness. Jesus so willingly gave of Himself that we could find completeness in Him and connect once again with the Father who can fill all the voids in the life of man.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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