Mirror of life

Looking through the lens of a camera you see the image of real life, when the picture is snapped the image can be reflected on paper; if properly cared for the picture can last a very long time. When we look into the mirror of life what is reflected is what we have been taught by example or experience. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression,” that’s the way mommy did it and papa did it , so that’s the way I do it”.

Some reflect joy and compassion when looking in the mirror, while; others reflect sadness and hostility. In some cases the mirror will crack and in others it will be shattered into pieces. It is said the eyes are the window to the soul, they capture what we think we are hiding on the inside, but; the pain of a dying soul is reflected from the eyes. The happy mask we wear can be deceptive, yet; the eyes don’t lie, the truth is reveled through them.

Whether your life mirror is cracked or shattered, there is hope; the same loving hands that created the worlds wants to re-create you; to gently collect your broken pieces putting them together again more beautiful than before. He will smooth all the ruff edges, clean away the dirt and debris and polish your mirror until it beams with pure light. The light that only pure love can give.

His love will be reflected from your mirror of life, it’s glow drawing others to His love through your daily walk with Him. Souls seeking repair will be captivated by the joy of restoration emanating from your eyes. There are no cracked or shattered mirrors that are excluded, none are beyond repair; the cost of restoration has been paid in full for all who wish to be renewed.

If for any reason you feel you are unrepairable, just remember the Potter wants to put you back together again, His love will reach you wherever you are; none will He turn away who seeks His love and restoration; He has said “when you seek Him you will find Him”.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

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