Glorious Day

The day began like so many before it, yet; there was a unexplainable essence that seemed to hover around them that announced this one would be different. It was not unusual for the teacher to spend His time in solitude and prayer, but; this time it had been all night. As daylight dawned the twelve saw their master returning from the hillside, none of them could have imagined what new journey was about to unfold for them. Each day had brought new revelations of the man they so willingly followed.

Although they didn’t fully understand all His teachings, they knew He was special and His doctrines were in such contrast to those taught by the leaders of their time. They experienced the blind being healed, the lame walking, the dead raise to life again and the multitudes being feed with meager provisions. With all this there was still great opposition against Him who so freely gave of Himself, love emanated from every fiber of His being. Little did they know mankind was on the brink of doom.

His mission had come to it’s time of completion, soon their master, teacher, and friend would no longer walk with them; His time to rescue mankind from destruction had come. On more than one occasion He had tried to prepare them for this days coming, but; they couldn’t comprehend with clarity His message. A glorious day had begun, mans freedom from sin would be won, the price paid in blood from God’s ONLY Son. Redemptions story has been told from generation to generation.

A warning to all who would hear, to be prepared as another glorious day draws near. Each must decide what their fate will be, before the Master again appears in His Glory for all to see. There will be no place to run and no place to hide, it will be much to late to decide, a new glorious day begins wiping away all evil and sin. Make haste and seek the Saviors face, ask for His forgiveness and His grace. Please don’t continue to waste precious time, the Father wants no one left behind.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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