A love supreme

When you think about the greatest expression of love, what comes to mind? For some it’s their families; parents and children, others their spouse or some material things. Love is viewed from many different perspectives; the artist paints a picture, the poet pens a poem, the musician writes a symphony and for some the grandeur of the world that surrounds them equates to love.

Love is such a simple word, yet; the intricacy of it is unfathomable. So many people love on the surface, they are present as long as nothing is required of them. Some will partially commit themselves to love as long as they don’t have to give to much. To say we love is as easy as opening the mouth and allowing the words to escape, but; when the heart is not the motivator the words are void of life.

Love is an action that is expressed by doing, it is easily recognized when displayed. It doesn’t wait to be called upon, it sees the need and responds; it gives without expectation of reward and it will sacrifice for others. It was the Love of God that created the worlds, it was a perfect love; a love supreme. Love that never gets tired, constantly forgives, is always ready to rescue those who lose their way and willing to sacrifice.

This is a love that never stops loving, even when it is rejected it continues to love; Gods heart was broken when His greatest creation was marred by disobedience and sin began, His love for man so strong He wrapped Himself in flesh and came to redeem mankind; He gave His life an expression of love so mankind could be free of sin, recreating His love in them again. For love no sacrifice is to great, in love there is life and that eternal.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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