thunder in a distance

Nature is an aphrodisiac, it touches us in the very core of our being. Many of us live such fast pace lives consumed by the hustle and bustle we fail to experience the beauty of our world. What we see in nature is God’s smile on the world He created. When we take the time to step aside from the busyness of life and seclude ourselves we can hear natures voice speaking to us. Long walks in the woods surrounded by trees standing tall, their branches reaching to the heavens quiets our spirits; peace and calm invade, sunlight touching our skin awakens every fiber of our being.

Have you every wondered how some people can sit on the bank of the river, stream or even a pond pole in hand quietly contemplating life all day whether there is a catch or not? To some this is a waste of time, yet; to others this is when in the solitude of nature they experience the presence of the Master. Maybe it’s at the top of a mountain top covered in snow, isolated from the clamor of the world; it could be just sitting on your porch listening to the rain gently falling from the sky. Whatever path we choose to connect with the beauty of the world that surrounds us, Gods handprint is evident.

Unfortunately, there is another side to nature; sin has caused destruction and devastation through nature. Typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunami plague our world, many souls lost. Thunder can be heard in a distance announcing the coming storm, lighting flashes as it draws nearer. It is at the first warning we should be preparing for the siege. We must seek our anchor before we find our selves in the middle of the storm fighting for survival. The anchor must be steadfast and immovable; strong enough to withstand the turbulence. Jesus the Christ is that anchor, in Him we can rest assured that He can calm the storm; remove the dark clouds and restore peace to our water of life.

When we are connected to the one who created nature, we don’t need to fear when we hear thunder in a distance, we just have to remember who’s sleeping in our boat.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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