the band played on

The melody of our lives is given to us when our light springs forth from the void of darkness. It is the rhythm by which we grow, become acquainted with our deepest desire, and attain knowledge of our connection to every other created thing. Hearts that reach out to hear the melody of other hearts as their life song plays. Some connections last unbroken by time or distance, some only last for a season, and some are instantly repelled because their melodies don’t blend together.

All creation has a song to sing, when we tune in we can hear the wind as it whispers to the trees, the stars and moon as they salute the night sky, and the streams as they gently kissing the shore. Have you ever wondered why you can hear a melody or song that no matter how much time has passed since you first heard it, it remains somewhere locked in your mind until you hear the beginning of it’s melody and like an old friend it rises from the ashes of memory to cause your heart to rejoice.

That’s the magic our song of life has, it can lift us when our hearts are heavy; when trouble blocks our pathway and we feel hopeless. Even when tragedy assails us the band plays on, the music never stops; just for a moment we may not hear it, but; the Great Conductor of life continues to direct the heart to sing. He lifts His baton, all nature responds; joining in with our melody of love strengthening the song. The rhythm may change, as long as time remains; the Conductor will stay the same and the band will play on as our hearts sing their songs.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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