fertile ground

Everyone who has ever tried to grow flowers or vegetables knows that you must first have good seeds and fertile ground, but; that will not guarantee success. There are preparations that must be made to the soil to prepare it to receive the seed, the ground has to be tilled and fertilized before the seed is planted. Life is sometimes just like the soil,; filled with rough, rocky places that cause weeds to grow in the heart and spirit.

The conditions that must be changed to prepare our hearts for planting are hate, jealousy, anger, selfishness, and envy just to name a few. These qualities fill the soil of our hearts with rocks and stones. The farmer removes all debris from the ground before tilling and fertilizing it, then he plants the seeds. When the thought of man was conceived in the heart of the Creator, He envisioned a replica of Himself; perfect in character.

His once highly adorned creation, Lucifer became prideful and lost his station in the heavenly courts; this cause him to be banished to the earth. The ground was cursed because Satan(once Lucifer) tempted mankind to disobey the Creators instructions; the weeds began to grow with that first act of disobedience. Our world became so entangled in weeds the Creators needed to till and re-fertilize it.

Man’s plight was foremost on His heart, He gave man a secret weapon against the tempter’s weeds consuming him, His one and only Son was sent to earth, gave His life and was 3 days buried in a earthly tomb for the salvation and restoration of man, but; on the third day He rose from death. Through His resurrection He has given mankind the power over the tempter.

Because He lives those who choose can have their hearts fertilized to receive the seeds of love He so freely gives. God the Father sent Jesus His son to reclaim the souls of men that they could become fertile ground, exhibiting the character of love He created them to have in the beginning. If you are tangled in the weeds of life, come to the fountain and be washed in the blood of Jesus; becoming fertile ground to the glory of God.

Jesus has risen, the tomb is empty.

My re3velation as I sit by the pool of grace


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