trail of tears

They were peaceful nations, but; what more could they do? From the land the Creator had given them, they were being removed. Forced to journey to a place unknown leaving behind the fields and streams they once called home. So many perished along the way, the route they traveled is called the trail of tears to this day.

They were a people chosen by God, but; the enemy of mankind had a different plan, through a man called Hitler he would rid them from the land. The world stood silently by as so many men, women and children died. From one village to another they were chained and lead to the sea, the shores of Mother Africa nevermore to see. The trail of tears continued

In the tobacco and cotton fields of the newly established land the trail of tears began, again. In every generation mankind has walked the trail of tears, but; the end is drawing near when the tears of mankind will disappear. When the evil one was banished to the earth, mankind’s suffering began . Everywhere he walked tears and death followed.

Never resting always on the attack, determined to destroy what the Father of Light loved the most. The end is near, his fate has been sealed by the blood shed on Calvary’s hill. On resurrection morning when the Son of Msn rose from the grave, He held the keys to death and hell in His hands. He promised he would come again to redeem those who belong to Him.

To Satan and his angels He will bring a end, there will never be another trail of tears .

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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