the voice

Good morning, I’ve been sitting here waiting for you to wake up ; you were resting so well I didn’t want to wake you. I noticed yesterday was very hectic, you forgot to call on me or say good night; I miss you when I don’t hear from you. I came to remind you I’m always here for you so let’s start this day with prayer. How often have you heard that still soft voice in your mind giving you instructions? Do you know who it is? Do you just brush it off as your conscious?

If, however; you have chosen to follow Jesus the Christ you recognize it is the Holy Spirit speaking. When Jesus left this world He promised to send to His people a comforter who would lead them into all truth and be with them always, even to the end of the world. This great gift indwells all who commit themselves totally to following the path Jesus the Christ walked when He sojourned on the earth. He endured the darkness of this world and all it’s temptations.

Satan the ruler of this world is our great adversary, because we are but dust Jesus knew we could not stand against this great evil without fortification. The Holy Spirit is that fortification, He speaks only what Jesus tells Him to say; it is Gods good pleasure to give the Holy Spirit to all who in sincerity ask for it, He is our keeping power in time of testing, where He leads we should follow; we must know His voice. The enemy will try to confuse and mislead us.

All who are not grounded in the word of God or do not recognize His voice will be deceived and lead astray; we must remember he can present himself as an Angel of light, but; no light is in him. The voice of our Lord causes the heart to sing, brings peace to the spirit and comforts the soul. It will lead into righteousness for all who obey it’s instructions. It reveals’ to our understanding the rare jewels found in Gods word and it convicts the heart when we have strayed from the path.

Like the sweet melody of birds singing it will lull us to sleep when it is time to rest from the turmoil and challenges of life, it will greet us with each new morning preparing us for the new day, but; we must know His voice.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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