november memories

Isn’t it funny how certain memories are triggered by the smallest things. A song, saying or movie, maybe just a quiet moment of reflection. Memories are so special in ones life, although all of them are not pleasant; they are all important. For many the month of November seems to stand out, it reminds us to be thankful. Life can be so hurried at times, we forget to take time to breathe; some are afraid that if they stop for even one moment the memories would be to much to bear.

We busy ourselves to mask whatever pain we are trying to hide, the loss of a relationship or a family member. Good times now gone, no more memories to be made. Our world has gone through a dark, dark night; the light for many has lost it’s shine, only memories remain. We must remember love leaves a memory that can’t be replaced. Time shared with those we love is embedded in every fiber of our being, their smiles, laughter, and their quirks are etched in our hearts.

Each thought of them brings smiles to our faces and yes, sometimes tears; while they are no longer physically present we must remember the sounds of their voices or their touch and be grateful for their presence in our lives no matter how long or short their stay. For every memory made; weddings, births, family gatherings and good byes we are to be thankful. Life is a gift we receive with each new day, the opportunity to make new memories; start over again .

Remember to thank the Creator for His grace extended toward us and extend that same grace to those who maybe still lost in the dark night of pain. Let your light shine this November in thankfulness that others may find their way out of darkness.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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