we are our brothers keeper

The question was asked “who is my neighbor”? The answer astonished the listening crowd, it came in the form of a short story. There was a man on a journey when he was attacked by robbers and left alone to die, as he lay dying a priest came by and when he saw the man he crossed to the other side of the road, ignoring the mans needs. Shortly there after another man, a Levite passed by and he too failed to help the man in need.

Finally there came a man who had compassion on the injured one, after dressing his wounds he placed the man on his donkey taking him to where he could receive further care. This was surprising because they were of different worlds, in the natural order of things; they wouldn’t have even spoken to each other. They were from the same nation, but; they were a divided people, the seed of hate ran deep between them.

To some this was just a story, yet; others saw the bigger picture. In life there are no strangers, on this journey there will come a time when our paths will intersect; help needed, we must make the choice to help or to walk on by. The problem may be small or it could be large, we must decide if we are our brothers keeper. We must honor our Heavenly Father by sharing the blessings we have received. When we share we create room to receive.

When we share freely from the heart our resources will not diminish, ” it is more blessed to give than to receive”. If we open our hearts and hands to give where there is a need, expecting no reward for ourselves; Our Father which is in Heaven will open the windows of Heaven and pour out to us blessings in abundance. For it is said ” the more you give, the more you will receive”. If we harden our hearts to the needs of others, turning away rather than serving; we allow selfishness to grow in the heart.

Selfishness is not of the Father, but; from the enemy of souls. Love is expressed through service to others, our perfect example is found in the self sacrificing life of Jesus the Christ. No problem was to small or to large when He was asked for help, at times help was given because the need was recognized. He was His brothers keeper, His love was shared without restraint or hope for reward; it was unconditional. When we give our hearts and wills to the leading of the Holy Spirit which is from the Father, we too will become “our brothers keeper”.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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