just trying to get home

Have you ever been lost? When you were a small child your parents taught you how important it was to know your full name and address. They would say “just in case you get lost”, go to a policeman and tell him who you are; he will get you back home. We were sure we could trust the police, they were the guardians of the neighborhood. Respected by everyone and feared by those who chose to break the law. Funny how when we think back, you were lost anytime you were in an unfamiliar place and your mom or dad couldn’t be seen. It could be in a department or grocery store, you in one isle them in another; can you hear yourself calling out their name?

You were to busy searching for your favorite things to notice they had moved to another place. There are so many ways in this life we become lost, struggle to find our way home, but; with no success. We can get physically lost when in a new location and not knowing how to get back to our starting point. We lose our way in relationships when we forget they require compromise and forgiveness between the parties involved in the relationship. Then there are those who lose their way when they fall into the pit of sin. Engulfed in darkness we can’t see a way out of the pit, we struggle just to find home.

The burden of sin becomes to much to bear, we look for relief from our heavy load; we want the chains of shame and guilt broken off our lives, peace restored, and the path home clear. We have realized just how lost we really are. This realization causes the search for light to begin, that light is found in the Son of the Most High who gave Himself for the redemption of the lost. He bids us to give Him our heavy burdens in exchange for His, His burdens are lite. Only His light can dissolve the darkness and reveal the way home. Home is in the house of the Father and the only way to the Father is through the Son, Jesus the Christ; Gods anointed one.

Are you seeking a way out of the darkness of this world? Are you lost, just trying to get home? If so, Jesus is waiting for you, are you ready?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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