wave a new flag

History teaches this land was founded by those who braved the unknown to escape suppression from King and church, to exercise their God given right to live and worship as they chose. There were people already occupying the land and the oppressed became the oppressor, they laid stake to what was not theirs to claim. A new world they created welcoming all who looked to be free, but; that freedom didn’t apply to all. In principle they believed all men were Created to be free, yet; that was not meant to be.

Throughout history the flag of contention has waved. Mans inhumanity to man inflames the land, no one seeks to understand; separation is what men seek, you be you; let me be me. That was not the Masters plan when He placed His breath in every man. The enemy is real, though some fail to believe; he is still the cause of all men’s grief. The shadow of darkness covers everything he touches as he tries to destroy all of Gods creation. Our God had a master plan for the redemption of fallen man.

Sinless blood must be spilled to erase all humanity’s ills, a new flag of love must wave over the land covered in the blood of the sinless lamb. A cleansing has begun putting evil on the run, the opportunity to be free is offered to you and me. Now is the time for every man to make his choice, take a stand. The redeemer is waiting for all to decide if under the flag of love they wish to reside. To be cleansed and given a new heart, eyes to see the enemy and strength to over come his temptations

To escape the darkness and walk in the light, accept the love that forgives a multitude of faults; that we might wave a new flag, a flag of love stained by the blood of the crucified ONE.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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