home coming

Most of us really look forward to planning a vacation , relocating to a new place to reside or  taking a trip with family or friends who’s company we enjoy; yet, we always look forward to our return home with greater anticipation.

Home is that special place where love for you  is always waiting with wide open arms. Where  smiling faces say ” I missed you”, with each return.  Home gave you the first example of what love should be, taught you what love is not, and how to know the difference between the two.

Often we fail to recognize the impact the home has on the rest of our lives.  we exhibit what is familiar in our actions toward others, in how we love ourselves, the way we look at life and who we choose to keep company with.

when our environment is filled with joy, understanding, patience, and instruction given in love, we grow in these character traits and pass them on to others we come in contact with. Unfortunately, the same is true if our environment is filled with jealousy, envy, intolerance and hate.

These will be the character traits we pass on to others, we  may never know which environment those we meet on life’s journey have experienced, but; if we have the light of love dwelling inside us, no matter their experience; we can make their interaction with us feel like a beautiful home coming.

The love that permeates our lives should surround them with joy, understanding, patience, and lead them to the source of love that they can share in the light that transforms.  The time is approaching rapidly when we will have to answer to the sound of the trumpet’s call.

Our beginning will not matter, who we kept company with will not matter, but how we lived our lives will be called into question and who we have served will determined whether we can participate in the greatest Home Coming.

Our Heavenly Father, Eldest Brother and Our guide are waiting with open arms to welcome us back home. If you have not chosen, it’s time to choose.

My revelation as I sit at the pool of grace.


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