what’s in your future?

We are taught to prepare for the future; for retirement, for unexpected circumstances, and  to be ready for whatever may come our way, sickness or death.  These plans usually require financial substance. Some will rely on savings in the bank, some have retirement benefits from employment, and some will count on inheritances.

Then there are those who come from wealth, they don’t really worry much about the future; they feel secure in their lives and feel they are prepared for any challenge they might face.  Many of us are so intrigued by the future we seek every avenue we can to know what the future holds for us.

We visit mediums, psychics, fortune tellers and even witches or warlocks. We fail to recognize these avenues are from the EVIL ONE, they entrap us in his clutches. He appeals to our basic nature which is prone to do  what is wrong. He offers enticements he think will draw us in; money, fame, popularity, and power.

He promises us a bright future filled with glitz and glamour, but; he doesn’t give us the end results of this alignment with him. ” There is a way that seems right unto man, but the end there of is death”, eternal death.   While the future may be unknown we can be assured from the promises given to us in the  Heavenly Fathers words.

No matter the circumstances he will stand with us, he will never forsake his children; even when we are wrong and recognize our error, repent and ask forgiveness he will hear and forgive. There is a glorious future promised to everyone who aligns themselves with the HOLY ONE, Jesus the Christ.

When we submit our will and way to our Creator we become his sons and daughters. Our inheritance is sure, eternal life; however our obedience is mandatory. we must accept the gifts he offers to us; faith, grace, unconditional love, extreme joy, and peace that passes understanding.

We will be tested, we must be worthy of our inheritance. Each test we master we grow in our faith, trust, and love for our Creator. Our way will not always be clear, yet; Our Father will always be there to give us directions. If we keep our hands in his hands, he will lead us into the future he has planned for us and it will eventually lead us home to him.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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