sustaining strength

Every athlete, soldier, or emergency res ponder knows the importance of being equipped with sustaining strength. Strength is defined as “the state of being strong” or “a good or beneficial quality of a person or thing.”

We all have been endowed with a portion of strength, some more than others; it may be physical for some and it maybe mental for others. Some are blessed with both physical and mental strength.

Endurance is the next essential ingredient needed to have sustaining strength, allowing the completion of any task attempted.  As human beings we depend on our own ability to demonstrate the amount of strength and endurance we possess.

We use every means available to us to enhance our strength and endurance. Some lift weights,some run long distances, some walk, some visit the gym religiously, and many exercise at home routinely.

We make every effort to increase our ability to exhibit our physical and mental prowess.  Have you heard the term”proverbial student”.  These are people who are constantly increasing their mental abilities.

They never seem to get out of school or they are always studying to increase their knowledge. Some of them wield their knowledge as power against those they consider unlearned. I would like to pose this question.

Does physical and mental abilities always equate to sustaining strength? can you possess these abilities and be morally weak? Devoid of character, heartless, and self exalting. Do you use your strengths to emphasize the weakness of others, to control, or dominate?

Often we forget how vulnerable as vehicles of dust and breath we really are, failure to acknowledge we have no true control leads us to a false sense of self worth. Where does the strength come from to run into a burning building?

Where does the courage come from to place your life at risk for the sake of another no matter the circumstance? When we recognize; all we are  and all we have comes to us as a blessing from our Creator, we learn to be strong; yet humble.

We learn to use knowledge wisely, having a balance of strength and knowledge. Only through Jesus the Christ can we develop the sustaining strength necessary to over come self, to display love toward others, to respond to the call in the time of trouble, and to stand before all as a reflection of his character.

To him our weakness is his time to show his strength; strength that is sustaining at all times and in all circumstances.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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