The Morning after

Their faces were somber, eyes swollen from many tears shed, confusion danced in their minds and the feeling of great loss consumed their thoughts. This was not the way they thought it would be. He was dead, their beloved leader was no longer with them.

What would they do now? fearful of what the Jewish leaders and Romans would do to them caused great concern. Should they stay in hiding or should they leave was the question on all their minds.

The faithful few although mourning their leader tried  with all they had to hold onto a fragment of hope. Guilt had found it’s way into the hearts of some of them, one denied him and others abandoned him.

They loved him, yet; their human frailties showed it’s face when he needed them the most. It was the morning after, Sabbath had begun; a day of rest and rejoicing but they saw no reason to rejoice.

Their lives had been drastically changed now that the Teacher was gone. The tomb was sealed and guards posted at the request of the Jewish leaders, they remembered he said “in 3 days I will rise again/”

Doubt of this reigned in their hearts but they needed to be sure the tomb was secure.The women had to wait until Sabbath had ended to do the rite of burial to their Master, He wouldn’t want them to dishonor the Sabbath; not even for him.

Early the first day of the week, Sunday; the women approached the tomb. Shock covered their faces, the stone was rolled away; the Master and Teacher couldn’t be found. The brothers had to be told of this mystifying circumstance.

Could it be true? had he really risen to life/ The question was answered when she heard  her name called, she had heard that gentle voice many times. Her heart was over joyed as she gazed upon his face, her Lord and Master stood before her radiating life.

Go tell my brothers I live was his assignment to her. Today he is saying to you and me tell my children I live, I desire to embrace them in my love, to forgive their sins and restore them to my Fathers heart.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.  Happy Resurrection Day


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