Planting requires good soil, whether flowers or food the soil must good to produce. The soil must be broken up and tilled before the seed is planted. This still may not guarantee your seed will yield a crop or that flowers will bloom.

Some people say that those who have a knack for planting have a green thumb, whatever they plant grows. As if by magic their effort is rewarded with success. That old saying if at first you don’t succeed  try, try again could easily apply here.

When you try again something must change. You may have to start your seeds in small containers, water and nurture them until they begin to grow then transplant them in your prepared soil. Once they are transplanted their little roots stretch out and embed themselves deep into the soil seeking a strong foundation.

There are times in  life when nothing seems to work, every avenue you travel leads to a dead end. You find yourself standing in front of a impenetrable brick wall. Where do you turn? who will help? what will you have too  do to overcome your obstacles?

Like that seed sometimes it is necessary to be uprooted from what you consider your normal environment to find success. We too must be transplanted and our roots embedded in new rich soil. That soil is found in the garden of our Creator made rich by the blood of sacrifice.

Soil that strengthens our resolve,builds our faith, wraps us in joy, and grants inner peace. Peace that will sustain even through time of turmoil. No matter the obstacles when we are rooted in the soil from the Masters garden our foundation is sound and unshakable.

The deeper our roots extend into the soil  the greater will be our reward. When we begin to bloom the character of Christ will emerge, love will guide all our decisions, the task of spreading the Gospel our goal and finding the lost our mission.

If you find or feel you’re stagnate where you are; seek the Father’s face, his guidance and instruction. It maybe he is preparing you for a transplant into new soil where you can bloom into the radiant flower he destined you too be.


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