Amazing Adventure

As the weather gets warmer people do what is known as taking vacations. They leave their mundane daily chores and vocations to do whatever they want to do even if it means doing absolutely nothing.  If you are one of the fortunate ones your vacation can last as long as 4 weeks taken at one time or spread over a period of time.

No matter how long everyone looks forward to vacation. Some save for months toward the perfect vacation and some save for years for what they deem to be the vacation of a lifetime . Some desire to travel the world, some just want to drive to see relatives they haven’t seen in awhile and then there are those who just don’t want to be on a schedule or punch the time clock.

Vacations can be many things, there is no limit to what the mind can conceive. When we plan for this time we fail to consider that danger may be lurking in the shadows waiting for us. The evil one will claim every opportunity to cause  us distress and grief. Seldom in our planning do we consider the “what if’s” that could happen.

Lost documents, credit cards, or simple car trouble become major events when not prepared for them. This turns our amazing adventure into a nightmare. It can be little things that cause discontent but will affect every ones disposition and bring unhappiness to all.  However, there is a way to be prepared for whatever may come your way.

It will not guarantee you will not have problems, but it assures you will over come them. The solution for preparing is a very simple one which many don’t think is part of the process. Seek first the face of the Father coming to him in the name of the Son. Declare he is the Lord of your life, give  every concern into his hands, and have confidence he has heard and is in control of all your circumstances.

When this is the first step in your planning, he will open doors before you. No matter what may come up against you as Lord of your life he will be victorious. When you release everything into his hands you will embark on the most Amazing Adventure, one that will last a lifetime and beyond.


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