Family Ties

It was a stormy day, but; her time had come, she had to get to the hospital immediately, the baby was on its way. It was a 15 min drive, but; with the rain he could not take any chances with his precious cargo, nothing would stop him getting them there safely. This was just the beginning of his drama; once they arrived the waiting would begin. The anxiety was getting the best of him, he couldn’t focus on anything but her and the baby. How much longer? What’s taking so long? Is everything ok? In the chair out of the chair, up and down the hallway; finally his name was called and the announcement made ” you have a beautiful baby girl”. A new bond is established when two become three, a three strand cord is not easily broken where love abides. With each additional strand the cord is made stronger or so it should be.

There is a common denominator that makes the strongest cords, that’s Love; love must rule the heart. On this day we celebrate how many years ago LOVE walked free from the grasp of death and forever tied itself to mankind. The scars of love’s sacrifice will eternally cover His body, but; He willingly submitted His body to the indignities for you and me; that’s what love does. We are family and LOVE is our big brother. We are to love one another as we have been loved, there is a old saying that comes to mind” teeth and tongue may fall out but they still need each other”. Love requires the release of self for the benefit of others. Love understands the power of words spoken to heal or brake the heart. Pride must fall by the wayside, I and me become less important and we and us become more promenade.

Love requires forgiveness, it holds no grudges; it doesn’t turn on and off like a faucet. Love is of God anyone who loves is of God but he who does not love is not of God for God is LOVE. God sent His son to express to His children how great His love was for them. Jesus was that expression of what love looks like, He is our example. He had acceptance for all although many rejected Him, He was spat upon, yet; never retaliated. He helped all who needed Him, freely He gave of Himself; He spoke kindly and with compassion to those who society cast out. He treated the stranger like family and He did what most would find very hard to do; He forgave His murderers as He was dying. Today LOVE is alive and well, He is seeking hearts that need transformation, on it’s own the heart will not change.

No matter how hard we try to change the heart, self will rule; only the Spirit of Christ resonating in the heart can change the heart. Like every big brother wants what is best for his siblings, Jesus wants us to be like Him as He is like the Father; family ties are stronger when love holds the cords together. If this is a problem for anyone He is standing at the ready to help and show us how, He’s just waiting for us to ask HIM to take control of our lives.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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