one day

One day is something we all say in relation to plans made or future realizations. When we were children its one day I’ll be a grown up; have a wife or husband and children of my own, one day I’ll be rich and famous or one day I’ll be a doctor or maybe a nurse; then there are those of us who can’t begin to imagine what the future will bring. There only hope is to see a new day, to open their eyes; take a breath and stand on their feet. They don’t have the luxury of dreams, they are to busy fighting the battles of everyday life; keeping their heads above the water line.

The rough waters of life has dashed their dreams against the rocks of life causing them to drown. They struggle from one day to the next to just survive. Can you imagine how they must feel thinking there is no hope for a life filled with dreams and imaginings of a glorious future; of joy and a peaceful spirit. Abandoning the rat race of life and slowing down long enough to smell the flowers, experience the sunlight’s gentle touch and the tickle of grass between the toes without worry or fear. To have the everyday burdens of life lifted by love, for life regenerated in the heart and the spirit renewed with hope for better days.

I know it sounds simple, but; a plan was made in the beginning by which mankind could escape from the darkness of the worry and fear we experience in this world. One day the clouds will roll back like a scroll, we shall see our deliverer, redeemer, and savior coming on the clouds accompanied by the Heavenly host, those that fell asleep in Him will be called forth from their graves and those who are alive at His appearing and have given Him their hearts will all together be changed into immortal bodies, for they shall be like Him.

He will cleanse and renew the earth, all sin will be eradicated and the evil one eliminated. The earth will display all her beauty as it was in the beginning. All who have made Him their Lord will enjoy eternal peace in His presence. We are promised that we will build houses and inhabit them and we will plant vineyards and eat the fruit of them, God Himself will wipe away our tears and we will know others as we are known. The Father and Son will live with us on the new earth, we will come before them in worship every Sabbath.

What a wonderful future awaits every soul that makes Jesus their Lord and accepts His offer of salvation. However, we don’t have to wait to enjoy His presence, He is ever near to those who seek Him in prayer and faith. He stands ready to carry our heavy burdens, give us peace in turbulent times, and joy in pain. In Him we can find all we need to live a fulfilled life. We can look to one day in the future or we can accept the love we are being offered today, Jesus stands at the door of our hearts knocking; will we open them to Him?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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