not just another day

The summer sun had not reached its full strength, the promise of wonder lingered on the breeze as nature began to sing its melody of life. Quiet ripples in the stream, the fragrance of flowers filling the air, birds and butterflies playing in the wind. What a beginning, a day that has never been before, not just another day; but, a perfect day.

Can’t say whether it was morning or evening; sunny or raining, but it was a happy day for all present to witness the blessed event. On loves whisper I arrived, breathing life for the very first time; tiny hands reaching out to grasp the face of love. It was your face my eyes gazed upon at their first opening, your smile that embraced me gently.

Memories of my life invade my mind as I look back over the years, days filled with joy, laughter, some pain and some tears; traces of faces no longer remembered. Time has a way of stealing our youthful dreams as youths folly fades into adulthood and the responsibilities of life surrounds one. Relationships come and go, children leave the nest, and you begin to feel the affects of aging; you don’t move like you once did.

So many years have passed; as I sit now considering your grace extended to me, my heart is over joyed with gratefulness. Through every life experience you have been present shining your love upon me, leading me in the direction I should go, and redirecting me when I strayed from the path. My journey in the wilderness was interrupted when your love found me, leading me to the light. Basking in the light of that love has chased away the darkness that was invading my life.

As I sit gazing through my window watching the sunlight dance in and out of the trees, the fluffy white clouds drift lazily across the sky; I left my eyes to the heavens to say thank you to my Heavenly Father, it is not just another day, but; the day You whispered my name into existence. To Him I give glory and honor and praise, He gave me a birthday.

My revelation as i sit by the pool of grace


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