the priceless gift

What do you consider in your life as a priceless gift?  To many it was the day they said “I do”, when the cry of their first born was heard, when they graduated from High school or college, or maybe the keys to a dream home or even that perfect job.  Life holds many opportunities that could be seen as priceless, they are as varied as we are different.

Some of our dreams are small and some are gigantic, some we can’t imagine will ever come to fluishen, yet; we continue to dream.  When we were young children with innocent hearts these were not the things our thoughts were occupied by.  Each day with our family and friends was priceless, each game played or toy shared.

The cycle of life offers the privilege of creating and storing in our hearts and minds a countless number of priceless memories, some very unexpected which adds to their value. That’s what mankind received the Divine shed his divinity  and clothe himself in flesh, came from eternity into mankind’s earthly realm to shine his loving light into a darkened world.

This is the reason we celebrate this time of year. It reminds us of the true perfect   and priceless gift  given to mankind many years ago on that silent night in Bethlehem. Heavens gift of love to the world, announced by Angels from on high. Open your heart to the love this precious babe came to bring, giving your heart a reason to sing.A saviour is born.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace



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