what’s in a name? Have you ever considered the origin of your name? Today many are becoming more and more interested in their ancestry, DNA testing has for many unlocked the mysteries of their family trees, making known where their lineage began.  For some the results solidifies known facts also reveals secrets hidden from view.

However, many remain nameless; their ancestry separated by distance, heritage erased,  their names changed and language forbidden to be spoken. Some have family history that has been preserved and taught from generation to generation, maintaining the family legacy.

There is another category to be considered, those that are confused; they are so blended, they are uncertain where they fit.  For some this is not a major issue while others wish to know their true names, no longer to be nameless. To this end they embark on the DNA road to discovery.

We are told “call no man on the earth father, for you have one Father who is in Heaven”.  This makes it so simple, we are all of one blood; created by the Creator of all things.  The origin of man is the same for all, in him we breath, move, and have being.  He is our Father, we are his children; whether we have a name or  we are nameless, we are still his children.

When we recognize our lineage began at the Throne of God, that love is the DNA coursing through our veins, and we are connected to each other as sisters and brothers; we will share one name, God’s child.  We may be diverse in our skin tone, our eye color, hair texture, features and size; yet, we are all cut from the same cloth.

When our Father saw how confused we had become he sent our eldest brother, Jesus the Christ to enlighten us as to whom we truly belonged.   There are no hidden secrets, no ghost from the past, by the blood shed on Calvary we are free at last. Free from the stigma being nameless brings, renewed in the knowledge we belong to the King.

Unfortunately, there are some who are still in the dark, they remain nameless because they don’t know who they are.  There is an evil force the keeps them confused, hiding there is a choice to be made and they have to choose.  In the eyes of the Father we are all the same, he has given us all the choice to be called by his name.

We are united by the blood stained cross, providing the way that none should be lost. No little I’s, no big U’s; we are all walking in the same shoes. Time to take off your blinders, open your eyes; come out of confusion, leave darkness behind.  The way has been made for you to come home, back to the Father where you truly belong.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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