One People One World One Father

A rainbow appears after the storm,it represents God’s promise to never destroy the world again with a flood. The many colors of the rainbow intertwined produce a brilliant display of God’s love for the world. A world that had become so tarnished by sin it grieved his heart and had to be removed from his sight.

Love cried out “one more chance” and eight were spared to start again. The air clean and fresh, the grass greener then before; regeneration had begun sin would be no more. Arrayed in her new apparel the world spread her wings to fly. She had been given new life.

Once again people covered the land, like the different colors of the rainbow so were his children. Different in their skin tones, languages, shapes and sizes. However; all still his children, all beloved by him, and all one family. His Family , though different all united in humanity; a world reborn.

Man was given a second chance but one selfish act and things changed, sin entered the world again. The desire for fortune and fame caused some of his children to stray. The weak and defenseless around the world became prey for the strong. Telling those who had not they don’t belong.

Evil has infected the hearts of men, violence permeates the air and all hope seemed to be lost. But the father watching quietly has not left his children alone.He stepped down from his throne clothed himself in humanity and made earth his home. He came to brake the evil one’s control, giving his children a chance to be free.

The price to be paid required a sacrifice, the death of the only sinless life. His children once again unified….One people, one world  with ONE FATHER


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