The Choice

We all have walked in confusion and darkness. We have chosen to follow our own selfish desires, have fallen prey to the provocative lure of the world, and have forgotten the safety net the light of love offers to us. Because the world we live in is engulfed by darkness if we do not choose love we are infected by the darkness and the longer we dwell in darkness the more we are consumed by it. Darkness has a counterfeit love, a counterfeit peace,a counterfeit happiness and a counterfeit success all which are designed to keep you trapped.  Today can be your new beginning, love is always searching for those lost in darkness.  It does not care how deep the penetration or how long you have lingered in the dark waters. It stands ready to throw you a life line, to bring you into the light and to give your new life.    YOU ONLY NEED TO CHOOSE TO BE RESCUED.


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