fresh water

On a hot summer day there is nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of cold water, I know some would prefer tea, iced coffee or even a cold beer. However, we can all agree none of them really quenches the thirst like fresh water. Water is a very important element in sustaining life in the body. Water is inside our cells, around our cells and in our blood. It is imperative we keep our bodies hydrated at all times. When dehydration occurs we experience serious health related problems; seizures, kidney and urinary issues, and heat injury such as stroke can be caused by the body losing hydration.

We must replenish our water or fluid intake daily, our bodies will tell us when we are in need of hydration; fatigue, muscle cramping, headaches, and in some cases constipation tell us water is needed. When we really think about it everything in nature benefit from water; trees, grass, birds and other animals enjoy fresh water falling from the sky. Even the dry desert enjoys the rain from time to time. For some of us our lives have become a dry desert in need of hydration, the problems we face have drained us of all hope; we thirst for relief and renewed hope to overcome our daily plight.

A song was written that said” there is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Immanuel’s veins and sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains”. Jesus is the fresh water needed for all who wish to experience a bountiful life. John7:37 tells us “Jesus cried out saying, if any one thirst; let him come to me and drink.” John 4:14 tells us Jesus said “whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” This living water is the Holy Spirit which we receive from the Father at the request of Jesus our redeemer.

This gift is granted to anyone who is willing to give their lives to Him. It is through the Holy Spirit flowing from our hearts we bring light to the dark world. His living fresh water falling on those we come in contact with brings renewed hope, love, peace, joy and forgiveness to those who are thirsty. If you find your life is becoming as dry as a desert, come to the fountain of life and drink; be revitalized by the living water, Jesus the Christ.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.

laundry day

There was a time when women would meet at the river with their laundry basket to do their wash. This was a time of catching up on the news of the day, for some it was prayer time, and for some a time of greeting neighbors seldom seen. I’m sure we can imagine how taxing laundry day was for those who lived during this era, however; clean clothes was a must after traveling the dusty roads.

Most of us only concentrate on the outward appearance, seldom do we consider the dirt building up on the inside. Many of our houses are so dirty no light can be seen, our eyes reveal how dead we are on the inside; maybe just a glimmer of life can be found. Every lie told, every act of violence, every selfish act, the lack of compassion, envy, and hate in any form dumps more and more dirt on our insides.

This build up doesn’t happen over night, but; over time. Some of us justify our actions so it takes us longer to realize how dirty our house has become. We are to busy pointing out the flaws we see in others to look inward, our dirty laundry keeps piling up while we sit in judgement of those around us. With the invention of washer and dryers for the home and laundry mats this task is not as daunting as it once was.

It can be said laundry day is a breeze, you put them in the washer dirty and when the cycle is over they come out clean; the dryer has taken the place of hanging them in the sun to dry. The process has been simplified, but; not so for all the dirty build up in our lives. How do we clean away all the years of pain, anger, envy, selfishness, violence and distrust that has accumulated in our hearts?

It is said “the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9. As fallen human beings we don’t have the ability to change ourselves, we need a heart transplant from the one who created us. To trade our dirty heart for a renewed clean heart, this can ONLY be done through Jesus the Christ. He will replace the dirt in our hearts with joy, love, laughter, beauty, happiness, and life more abundantly.

Give Him your heart and let Him cleanse it, He was born, died, and rose again for our salvation, He alone has the power to change the heart.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

contingency plan

When planning for an event, campaign or conflict of any kind; the unknown must be considered. It is imperative to have a contingency plan before jumping into anything that is a new adventure. Most of the time we think we have covered all the bases until the unexpected happens. What will we do if no contingency plan is in place? Unfortunately, life is the thing we can’t always have a plan for; or can we?

There are many circumstances that affect us daily, these cause us to search for solutions, worry, or have extreme anxiety. Some of us consider our savings as our contingency, however; one catastrophe can wipe them out in the twinkle of the eye. No contingency plan conceived by man is soundproof, errors and miscalculations are always possible. Just when you think you have worked out the kinks, the unexpected takes over and the dominoes begin to fall.

I have found one contingency plan that I would like to recommend, if you put this plan into action before anything else; success can be guaranteed. This plan has a name, He says” I Am the way, the truth, and the life.” He encompasses all we need to navigate life no matter what circumstances it may bring to us. Often we stress about how important our need is, there is no room for delay, but; with this plan time is not relative, He is never late.

He works out every situation for our good, we are constantly on His mind and when we give Him control the journey gets so much easier to walk. Every battle we will face can be won through Him. He is acquainted with the trials and temptations that come up against us, He has the answers; we don’t have to worry, just trust Him. I’m sure you want to know His name and how you can put this plan in force in your life. Allow me to introduce you to Jesus the Christ, the only way to conquer life’s worry and strife.

Surrender is the method by which you can invite Him into your life and give Him control, read His word to get to know Him better and attain His promises. Then keep communication with Him through prayer, opening your heart to Him. The problems of life will not disappear, however; He will make the rocky roads smooth, calm the storms and give us joy for our stress. Now that you have this information what will be your contingency plan? Will you choose Him over self or continue to struggle through life alone?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.

a glimpse of thing to come

Most of us like movies, this is evident by the millions of dollars spent by movie goers worldwide. We have given those who participate in the art of acting the ability to live lavish lifestyles. Big cars, homes, money beyond their dreams, fame and power. They give us a glimpse of a world some of us can only envision in our dreams, an escape from our daily reality. The many genres appeal to every appetite; westerns, romantic, faith, drama, science fiction, horror and mystery to name a few; something for everyone.

Some are drawn from real life events while others are straight from the imagination. Unfortunately, that’s how many of us view the written word of the Most High; our Creator. I’ve heard it said ” it’s just a good book about things that happened a long time ago”. There are many who fail to see it’s relevance today, they don’t realize it gives us a glimpse of things to come. In every generation this book has shed light into the war raging for the souls of mankind, it defines with great clarity the two combatants truth and falsehood.

Through it’s pages we see our past, present and future; Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us “what has been will be again, what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun”. Let’s think about this, when we compare our lives today to those of the biblical characters we read about, how different are we? Mankind has been fractured for many generations, our nature leads us to gratify our own selfish desires no matter the cost to others in some cases.

The poor are trodden down, the defenseless are taken advantage of, the powerful look away from the needy and we worship new gods; possessions, power, and greed. I know those of us who consider themselves to be Christ followers fail to see the connection we have with the church during the time Christ walked the earth; this is so sad. Yes it is sad ,but; true in that many do not really follow the example Christ left behind. We are followers in name only.

From the pages of the bible we can see what happened to those who even with their flaws trusted the words from the Most High and by their actions saved themselves and others. We see the results of our Creators wrath on those who chose to do evil continually and we see that what is written is a glimpse of things to come for us. These sacred pages warn us time is for spent, we must realize our remaining time on this earth as it is, is very short.

We must make a choice, who will we worship; the Father Creator or the father of lies and deception. Only by making the Most High our choice can the blood of righteousness cover us with protection in the approaching end of time and destruction of the wicked. The purified earth will be the dwelling place of a purified people. Will you chose to be one of them? The time to prepare is now, what is needed can be found in the word, ” the word became flesh and dwelt among us”; He alone is our example.

Read His book to find the answers that will guide us through the darkness of this world to eternal light.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

wilting flower

Most of us have tried our hands at planting flowers or plants. We get so excited when we see the first sign of life in the soil; little by little we see the changes in it’s growth with each day. Some of us feel we can’t start from scratch, but; love plants and flowers so we purchase them already growing; tiny seedlings just needing nourishment and love to grow up strong and beautiful. Sounds simply doesn’t it, but; we know nature is complicated.

Whether you start from scratch or go to a nursery to purchase your plants, work is required to bring forth great results; healthy plants. So many things can affect their growth process; weeds, drying soil, insects, crowded containers and many more I’m sure; each requiring a different remedy. You don’t see the problems right away, the effects are often seen over time. One day they stand tall and beautiful, then it seems only a short time has passed and they are wilting right before your eyes.

Franticly you search for solutions to preserve and ensure survival. Many times just a little nourishment will do the job, you water them and you see them awakening as the water reaches their roots. The Most High has a garden He has named the earth, all mankind is planted in His garden. It is filled with an array of diversity, some have roots deeply grounded in the Most High, some have roots that are broken and detached trying desperately to reground themselves in the soil that they might receive nourishment.

Some are on the verge of being choked to death by weeds that have entangled them. You see the garden has an enemy who hates the Most High, he wishes to destroy the health and beauty of the garden in any way he can. He uses deception to brake the bond between the roots and the soil which is the Most High. When the bond is broken the roots can’t receive what it needs to survive, it will wilt; eventually dying from lack of nutrition.

Each wilting flower is a sign weeds are present, slowly they succumb to the deceptions; it could be power, money, riotous living, separation or fame all leading to death. The more detached the roots become death is eminent. If your flower is starting to wilt from doubt, hatred, pride, envy, or anything that is contrary to the principle of love. know that a remedy is available to you. The Most High desires to have no wilting flowers in His garden.

He has enriched the soil with His own blood, everything you may need is waiting for you; just submerge your roots in Him and watch the transformation from brokenness to restoration.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

hold on to your dreams

How important are dreams? What do they mean or do they mean anything? Why do some people dream and some don’t? Where do they come from? So many questions, where are the answers? I’ve heard it said “if you eat late, it will give you crazy dreams”, but; is that really true? Joseph had a dream, in fact he had two; both eluded to a time when Joseph would be exalted over his brethren. It was because of his dreams his brothers sold him into slavery.

He found himself in Egypt where he was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, but; the hand of God was on his life. The Pharaoh had a dream which caused him great distress and no one could tell him what it meant, however; he felt it was important to know the meaning. It was told Pharaoh of the Hebrew slave in the prison who could interpret dreams, enter Joseph. After giving God the credit of interpretation, he made plain the dream; a warning of things to come.

Gods favor was on Josephs life, it was through the famine that his dream was realized and his brothers bowed down before him, not knowing who he was. He through the mercies of God changed his whole family history. Daniel had a dream, a revelation of things to come. He saw things that he couldn’t understand. Daniel was a man of prayer so he called on his God for understanding.. He was instructed to write in a book the things he saw then seal the book for it was not for his time but a time to come.

Acts 2:17 tells us “in the last days, God says; I will pour out my spirit on all people, your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” There’s the answer, God gives us dreams or does He just awaken the spark of Himself He placed in us when He whispered our being into existence. Every good and perfect gift comes from above, it is through dreams that our realities are sometimes realized.

When you give the reigns of your life to the Holy Spirit and follow His leading the dreams God has for you shine through and He is glorified. Whether you dream big or small, your dreams are a gift of love from your heavenly Father, don’t let them go; hold on to your dreams.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

fertile ground

Everyone who has ever tried to grow flowers or vegetables knows that you must first have good seeds and fertile ground, but; that will not guarantee success. There are preparations that must be made to the soil to prepare it to receive the seed, the ground has to be tilled and fertilized before the seed is planted. Life is sometimes just like the soil,; filled with rough, rocky places that cause weeds to grow in the heart and spirit.

The conditions that must be changed to prepare our hearts for planting are hate, jealousy, anger, selfishness, and envy just to name a few. These qualities fill the soil of our hearts with rocks and stones. The farmer removes all debris from the ground before tilling and fertilizing it, then he plants the seeds. When the thought of man was conceived in the heart of the Creator, He envisioned a replica of Himself; perfect in character.

His once highly adorned creation, Lucifer became prideful and lost his station in the heavenly courts; this cause him to be banished to the earth. The ground was cursed because Satan(once Lucifer) tempted mankind to disobey the Creators instructions; the weeds began to grow with that first act of disobedience. Our world became so entangled in weeds the Creators needed to till and re-fertilize it.

Man’s plight was foremost on His heart, He gave man a secret weapon against the tempter’s weeds consuming him, His one and only Son was sent to earth, gave His life and was 3 days buried in a earthly tomb for the salvation and restoration of man, but; on the third day He rose from death. Through His resurrection He has given mankind the power over the tempter.

Because He lives those who choose can have their hearts fertilized to receive the seeds of love He so freely gives. God the Father sent Jesus His son to reclaim the souls of men that they could become fertile ground, exhibiting the character of love He created them to have in the beginning. If you are tangled in the weeds of life, come to the fountain and be washed in the blood of Jesus; becoming fertile ground to the glory of God.

Jesus has risen, the tomb is empty.

My re3velation as I sit by the pool of grace

trail of tears

They were peaceful nations, but; what more could they do? From the land the Creator had given them, they were being removed. Forced to journey to a place unknown leaving behind the fields and streams they once called home. So many perished along the way, the route they traveled is called the trail of tears to this day.

They were a people chosen by God, but; the enemy of mankind had a different plan, through a man called Hitler he would rid them from the land. The world stood silently by as so many men, women and children died. From one village to another they were chained and lead to the sea, the shores of Mother Africa nevermore to see. The trail of tears continued

In the tobacco and cotton fields of the newly established land the trail of tears began, again. In every generation mankind has walked the trail of tears, but; the end is drawing near when the tears of mankind will disappear. When the evil one was banished to the earth, mankind’s suffering began . Everywhere he walked tears and death followed.

Never resting always on the attack, determined to destroy what the Father of Light loved the most. The end is near, his fate has been sealed by the blood shed on Calvary’s hill. On resurrection morning when the Son of Msn rose from the grave, He held the keys to death and hell in His hands. He promised he would come again to redeem those who belong to Him.

To Satan and his angels He will bring a end, there will never be another trail of tears .

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

the best solution

Life bombards us with so many situations and problems that we are so confused we don’t know what to do. Before we have a solution to one, another is knocking at the door. We may have food, but no way to prepare it, bills with no money to pay them, clothing but no shelter or shelter with no job to sustain it. Things can be so over whelming we find ourselves with our head in our hands and our hearts filled with fear and worry.

We search for the best solution to our problems looking in all the wrong places. We depend on family, friends, even strangers sometimes; failing to realize they have their own problems to solve. The longer it takes to find a solution the more our fear or worry grows. If this is you, allow me to share my story with you, I hope it will give you the comfort it gave me. I was in the same condition, it helped me to know I was not alone nor did I need to be afraid.

It began when I read “The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you, do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” I remembered He loved me so much that His blood was shed on my behalf, His love so strong the grave could not hold Him captive, and He is now on the right hand of the Father in Heaven interceding for me. He told me I could take His burdens and give Him mine because His burdens are lite.

He is a ever present help in time of trouble, I just need to ask and He would help me; He will never force Himself on us. How wonderful it would be to give all our worries to the One who knows the end from the beginning, who numbers the hairs on our heads, and catches our tears in His bottle. There is a song which says” take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there”, this is the privilege He has given to all who will trust and believe Him to be the best solution.

My revelation ass I sit by the pool of grace

the voice

Good morning, I’ve been sitting here waiting for you to wake up ; you were resting so well I didn’t want to wake you. I noticed yesterday was very hectic, you forgot to call on me or say good night; I miss you when I don’t hear from you. I came to remind you I’m always here for you so let’s start this day with prayer. How often have you heard that still soft voice in your mind giving you instructions? Do you know who it is? Do you just brush it off as your conscious?

If, however; you have chosen to follow Jesus the Christ you recognize it is the Holy Spirit speaking. When Jesus left this world He promised to send to His people a comforter who would lead them into all truth and be with them always, even to the end of the world. This great gift indwells all who commit themselves totally to following the path Jesus the Christ walked when He sojourned on the earth. He endured the darkness of this world and all it’s temptations.

Satan the ruler of this world is our great adversary, because we are but dust Jesus knew we could not stand against this great evil without fortification. The Holy Spirit is that fortification, He speaks only what Jesus tells Him to say; it is Gods good pleasure to give the Holy Spirit to all who in sincerity ask for it, He is our keeping power in time of testing, where He leads we should follow; we must know His voice. The enemy will try to confuse and mislead us.

All who are not grounded in the word of God or do not recognize His voice will be deceived and lead astray; we must remember he can present himself as an Angel of light, but; no light is in him. The voice of our Lord causes the heart to sing, brings peace to the spirit and comforts the soul. It will lead into righteousness for all who obey it’s instructions. It reveals’ to our understanding the rare jewels found in Gods word and it convicts the heart when we have strayed from the path.

Like the sweet melody of birds singing it will lull us to sleep when it is time to rest from the turmoil and challenges of life, it will greet us with each new morning preparing us for the new day, but; we must know His voice.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace