prayer of thanksgiving

Thank you for the bloody tree on which you gave your life for me. So unworthy of the grace you gave to set my sinful soul free, I was hopeless and lost in sins misery. I can’t imagine where I would be if your love had not rescued me. Now with clear eyes a new world I see, full of splendor and majesty. Nature sings your song, my heart rejoices at it’s melody. Thank you for each new day no matter what may come my way.

You’re ever present to hold my hand when I feel weak and cannot stand. Thank you for every tear cried, for pain, laughter, family and friends; for lessons learned through the years. For every new branch on the family tree and all the love showered on me. Thank you for your spirit to guide me along the way, strengthen me against temptation; that I will no stray. To develop my character with each new day, teaching me how to love the agape way. Thank you for the unconditional love that covers all my faults, for redeeming me back to the Father; so I won’t be lost, but by your grace and mercy I shall stand upon the Heavenly sea of glass.

I thank you with all I am and ever hope to be, Thank you Jesus for loving me

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


forever grateful

Lost in the dark night, no light in sight

could not see the path that lay before me

The road rocky beneath my feet I stumbled and

fell upon my knees, crying out in the darkness; help please

Unseen hands lifted me peace I couldn’t understand assured me I

would master the path. Guided step by step as if someone was holding

my hand I found myself on smoother land. The night had ended on the

horizon I can see light. The sun has risen in me, no darkness in sight.

The joy of the Lord has filled my soul, finally I have been made whole.

I am forever grateful

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

the prince of darkness

On October 31 in various places many will celebrate what is commonly known as Halloween, all saints day, or day of the dead. This is mostly a pagan practice which dates back centuries. It’s history is shadowed by things associated with darkness, however; today it is celebrated as a time for children to dress up in costume and go from house to house requesting candy or treats. If by chance you have no candy or treats, you just might get a trick played on you. Everyday in someway we are being desensitized to the darkness which is consuming our lives.

It is said the greatest deception perpetrated on mankind is believing the evil one (Satan) does not exist. My question to you is, if you can believe in ultimate good, why is it so hard to believe in ultimate evil? Through the many avenues of media we have turned off our senses to the world we live in which is rapidly changing into a very dark place. The prince of darkness has staked his claim and is capturing the hearts of many through tv we watch, books we read, and laws that govern us.

Violence is rampant, we are losing our humanity; no value for life, we so easily take that which we have no power to give. Our children have become prey, spaces that were once considered zones of safety for them are disappearing. Every mother worries when her child leaves home if this will be the last hug or goodbye. The beauty of our world is being hidden under a basket, seldom do we hear the news of love and kindness being shown, we are being force feed; greed, popularity, selfishness, violence and destructive lifestyles as a normal way of life.

Mankind fell with the deception of our first parents, today our world is beginning to resemble the world in the days of Noah, Sodom & Gomorrah and Nineveh; all which were destroyed for their wickedness. We were warned to not fall prey to the prince of darkness, 1Peter 5:8 says” Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”. Jesus tells us “I saw Satan fall like lightening from Heaven”. It is time to awake from sleep, take the blinders off; guard our eyes, ears, hearts and minds for the devil is real; not a figment of the imagination.

The enemy is always looking for his next victim to infect with evil and turn them from the love of the Father, don’t let it be you// We are told to resist the devil and he will flee from you, Jesus is our helper and will give us strength to stand against the temper; we can be victorious through Him.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

trash dump

It was a dream coming true, they had longed for a home of their own for some time; finally keys in hand their new life could begin. Everyone wanted to love in this community; it had good schools, greenery lined streets, and a park was directly across from their new home; who could ask for more. In front of the garage set two very large shining trash containers reflecting the sunlight. As time passed those shiny cans began to dull, stains began to accumulate on every surface.

There were times the trash just would not stay in them, it would be all over the sides and the surrounding ground. Each week the cans would be set at the end of the driveway and emptied by a city refuse worker, sometimes the cans would get banged up and dented by mistreatment. Have you ever given any thought to what happens to all the trash collected? Where do they take it? How do they get rid of it? Do we ever think of cleaning the trash cans, restoring them to the shiny cans they were in the beginning .

We are just like those shiny new cans, we are born into this sin stained world seeing it through eyes of amazement and hope. We were each created uniquely wonderful with an appointed road to travel, a road that would eventually lead us to our greatest love and purpose. Unfortunately, in this life we have all made choices that cause us to change our direction and walk a different path. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “all that glitters ain’t gold”.

Along this path we begin to collect trash; our eyes collect trash from the movies we watch, books we read, social media we indulge in and copying the trends in fashion we see. Our ears collect trash from the things we hear and our mouths repeat or speak trash we have accumulated as we walk the path, we become trash dumps; not realizing we have assimilated the sinful world in which we live. Our hearts have become completely contaminated by sin.

How do we get back on track? Where can we empty the trash in our lives? How can we clean away all the stains of sin? It’s sad to say, but; we are just like those cans setting at the end of the driveway, we can’t empty ourselves. We need the loving hands of the Ultimate Refuse worker, He is not afraid to get dirty; He will do whatever it takes to empty out the trash and restore us to a shining reflection of Himself. Jesus is His name, ONLY He can cleanse the heart and renew in us the right spirit.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

The greatest need

If asked “what is your greatest need”, what would your response be? How long would you think about the question before you could answer it? We all at one time or another think our problems could be solved by having more material possessions. In our world we see money and power as most essential in meeting our desires; whatever we can’t obtain with power, money will buy for us. Yet, there are so many things we fail to recognize as necessary to life money nor power can control.

The air we breathe, the sunlight, rain, fresh water from a spring, the peace we find in nature, the melody of birds singing, the beauty of spring flowers and the relief found in forgiveness. All necessary, all free; all available to everyone. Throughout history man has struggled to fill the emptiness in his life with things, only to find they are not enough to satisfy his longing for completeness; which is the greatest need. We are fractured people living in a fractured world, looking for love in all the wrong places.

We travel down one road after another all of them leading to dead ends. ONLY when we realize what we are missing in our lives is the connection to our Creator which was lost when man fell can the voids in our lives be filled. The Father through the Son has made the path clear that we can find the way home and reconnect. Connection to the Son, Jesus the Christ is mankind’s greatest need; receiving Him in the heart opens the door to Heavens storehouse. All that we need can be found in Him.

Thank you Father that your love for us would not leave us in our sinful condition, disconnected from true love and lost in darkness. Jesus so willingly gave of Himself that we could find completeness in Him and connect once again with the Father who can fill all the voids in the life of man.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

Mirror of life

Looking through the lens of a camera you see the image of real life, when the picture is snapped the image can be reflected on paper; if properly cared for the picture can last a very long time. When we look into the mirror of life what is reflected is what we have been taught by example or experience. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression,” that’s the way mommy did it and papa did it , so that’s the way I do it”.

Some reflect joy and compassion when looking in the mirror, while; others reflect sadness and hostility. In some cases the mirror will crack and in others it will be shattered into pieces. It is said the eyes are the window to the soul, they capture what we think we are hiding on the inside, but; the pain of a dying soul is reflected from the eyes. The happy mask we wear can be deceptive, yet; the eyes don’t lie, the truth is reveled through them.

Whether your life mirror is cracked or shattered, there is hope; the same loving hands that created the worlds wants to re-create you; to gently collect your broken pieces putting them together again more beautiful than before. He will smooth all the ruff edges, clean away the dirt and debris and polish your mirror until it beams with pure light. The light that only pure love can give.

His love will be reflected from your mirror of life, it’s glow drawing others to His love through your daily walk with Him. Souls seeking repair will be captivated by the joy of restoration emanating from your eyes. There are no cracked or shattered mirrors that are excluded, none are beyond repair; the cost of restoration has been paid in full for all who wish to be renewed.

If for any reason you feel you are unrepairable, just remember the Potter wants to put you back together again, His love will reach you wherever you are; none will He turn away who seeks His love and restoration; He has said “when you seek Him you will find Him”.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

Be assurred

How often do you wish you had a guarantee of success when you begin a task? You want to be sure it will be successful, failure is not an option. Unfortunately, life holds no guarantees; success can be a long arduous process. Often we look at others and think their success came overnight not realizing the sacrifice and rejections they endured before they were graced with reward.

Can you think of anything in life you can be assurred of? I have ponder this question, the following is what was revealed to me; we can be assured the sun will rise and set, the seasons will change, flowers will bloom then wither away, life will give way to death, the moon and stars will light up the night sky and the most important of all is God will always love us.

I know some don’t feel they are loved, life has presented to them a hopeless picture; sorrow is their constant companion and joy eludes them. Nothing they do seems to turn out beneficial, It is to those who think this way I bring this message of assurance; no matter the circumstances you may find yourself in, God loves you and has a plan for your life. Jeremiah 31:3 tells us by faith in Jesus the Christ, we are now loved by God in the same way that the Father loves His Son.

It is a everlasting love that has always been and will always be, He has promised never to leave or forsake us; nothing we do will seperate us from His love. We can be assured if we call on Him He will answer. No pit is to deep He can’t reach us, no mountain to high or river to wide; there are no circumstances He can’t change. When we allow the light of His love shining through Jesus the Christ to change our hearts we become a new creation in Him.

Because we live in a fractured world we will experience trials from time to time, but; we can be assured that Jesus the Christ will be with us through them all. His love is faithful, unchangeable, and forgiving. If we believe He was born, died on a hilltop, and was resurrected from death; we have the blest assurance we will be saved and live eternally with Him.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.

Glorious Day

The day began like so many before it, yet; there was a unexplainable essence that seemed to hover around them that announced this one would be different. It was not unusual for the teacher to spend His time in solitude and prayer, but; this time it had been all night. As daylight dawned the twelve saw their master returning from the hillside, none of them could have imagined what new journey was about to unfold for them. Each day had brought new revelations of the man they so willingly followed.

Although they didn’t fully understand all His teachings, they knew He was special and His doctrines were in such contrast to those taught by the leaders of their time. They experienced the blind being healed, the lame walking, the dead raise to life again and the multitudes being feed with meager provisions. With all this there was still great opposition against Him who so freely gave of Himself, love emanated from every fiber of His being. Little did they know mankind was on the brink of doom.

His mission had come to it’s time of completion, soon their master, teacher, and friend would no longer walk with them; His time to rescue mankind from destruction had come. On more than one occasion He had tried to prepare them for this days coming, but; they couldn’t comprehend with clarity His message. A glorious day had begun, mans freedom from sin would be won, the price paid in blood from God’s ONLY Son. Redemptions story has been told from generation to generation.

A warning to all who would hear, to be prepared as another glorious day draws near. Each must decide what their fate will be, before the Master again appears in His Glory for all to see. There will be no place to run and no place to hide, it will be much to late to decide, a new glorious day begins wiping away all evil and sin. Make haste and seek the Saviors face, ask for His forgiveness and His grace. Please don’t continue to waste precious time, the Father wants no one left behind.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

A love supreme

When you think about the greatest expression of love, what comes to mind? For some it’s their families; parents and children, others their spouse or some material things. Love is viewed from many different perspectives; the artist paints a picture, the poet pens a poem, the musician writes a symphony and for some the grandeur of the world that surrounds them equates to love.

Love is such a simple word, yet; the intricacy of it is unfathomable. So many people love on the surface, they are present as long as nothing is required of them. Some will partially commit themselves to love as long as they don’t have to give to much. To say we love is as easy as opening the mouth and allowing the words to escape, but; when the heart is not the motivator the words are void of life.

Love is an action that is expressed by doing, it is easily recognized when displayed. It doesn’t wait to be called upon, it sees the need and responds; it gives without expectation of reward and it will sacrifice for others. It was the Love of God that created the worlds, it was a perfect love; a love supreme. Love that never gets tired, constantly forgives, is always ready to rescue those who lose their way and willing to sacrifice.

This is a love that never stops loving, even when it is rejected it continues to love; Gods heart was broken when His greatest creation was marred by disobedience and sin began, His love for man so strong He wrapped Himself in flesh and came to redeem mankind; He gave His life an expression of love so mankind could be free of sin, recreating His love in them again. For love no sacrifice is to great, in love there is life and that eternal.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

While we wait

He considered it an emergency, after all he was hurting for two weeks, yet; here he is sitting in the waiting room. She needed that job, any job like yesterday; time was running out on her finances, soon they would be gone. She had placed applications all over the place, but; she still waited on a response. There are times in life when all hope is gone, friends are unable to help, resources seem non existent and you find yourself at the end of your rope. I heard a saying once about this very situation, “when you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hold on.”

Sounds simple, right; the answer is on the way, just wait. The messenger came to Him saying” Master the one that you love is sick”, yet; He stayed where He was for three more days. On the fourth day He said to His companions “let us go to Lazarus for he sleepiest and I go to wake him.” While the sisters of Lazarus waited for their friend to come, he died; four days had passed and it was believed his body had began to decompose. When they sent the message they were sure He would come and save their brother, can you imagine how they felt as they waited.

Can you imagine the questions they might have had when Lazarus died, after all they had heard how He gave sight to the blind, healed the lame, cleansed the lepers and cast out demons; surely He would heal their brother and His good friend. How disappointed they must have been when He didn’t come immediately to their brothers bed side. When He arrived the grief of the sisters weighed heavily on His heart, where have you laid him; He asked? Come and see was the response, it was a cave with a great stone covering the entrance.

Remove the stone was His instructions, but; Lord by this time he stink. Once the stone was removed He lifted His eyes to the heavens and with a resounding voice said ” Lazarus come forth”. To the amazement of all who stood by, there in the entrance wrapped in grave clothes stood Lazarus; lose him and let him go the Master said. At the voice of the Master even death must obey, it could no longer hold him that was set free. The sisters received their brother alive again, their waiting was not in vain. We must always remember no matter the circumstances God is still in control; His time is not our time and His ways are not our ways.

When we find ourselves in the waiting room of life, while we wait we must trust God will work everything out for our good. Through His son Jesus the Christ we are given the privilege to take all our burdens to Him. As He resurrected him who was dead, He can also bring back to life whatever has died or is dying in our lives, we just have to trust Him and wait.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace